Heart Centered Guidance Regarding Relationships, Business, Career and Life in General

My mission is to be of service by providing options and choices to help you live your best life. I work in the highest vibration of light and love to help you connect, heal, empower and grow.


Psychic and Medium
Intuitive Personal Counselor
Spiritual Healer

Certified Practicing:
Master Tarot and Oracle Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher
Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher
Animal Reiki Practitioner

Additional Certifications:
Trance Mediumship
Evidential Psychic Mediumship
Angelic Psychic Mediumship
Advanced Past Life Regression
Heal the Past to Heal the Future Regression
Akashic Records
Spiritual Chakra Energy Healing
Spiritual Numerology
Intuitive Medical Scanning
Remote Viewing
Psychic Investigations

Spirit Portrait Artist
Lifelong Fine Artist
Student of The Arthur Findlay College

Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity, Healing and Self Care

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Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your spiritual journey. May you live your best life every day.